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Edgebrook Private Pool Parties

The pool is available for parties (Birthday, Sports, etc.) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from 7:00-9:00pm.   

***Lifeguards for the party must be regular Edgebrook Swim Club lifeguards.  One lifeguard is required for every 25 people swimming during the party.


Club Member Fees:  Price includes lifeguards

$200.00 for a 2-hour party for up to 25 people

$275.00 for a 2-hour party for 25-50 people

$325.00 for a 2-hour party for more than 50 people

Large-scale parties need to contact us about specific pricing


If you request a party during other days of the week, the pool will remain open to pool members.  The back lawn area and grill will be reserved for the party.  A party is available during any time of day, as to the discretion of the pool manager but guests must remain under ten people and notice must be given in order to have proper staffing in place.

***Edgebrook Swim Club, Inc. will not be responsible for accidents and/or injuries sustained during a private pool party.

Contact on hosting a pool party at Edgebrook. Set up no more than one hour ahead of time. Member is responsible for thoroughly cleaning after party.

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